About Ferdinand and Barbara

A Story about Blind Faith, Great Love. . . . and Miraculous Results!

Ferdinand and Barbara Roccanti

Once a mufti-millionaire businessman from New England, Ferdinand began to have mystical experiences during a pilgrimage to Medjugorje in 1992. An encounter with the Blessed Virgin Mary there on Apparition Hill dramatically altered the course of Ferdinand and Barbara’s lives.
In 1993 Jesus asked, “Ferdinand, would you be blind for me?” Ferdinand started to cry. Then Our Lord asked, “Ferdinand, would you be in a wheelchair for me?” By this time he was crying and choking. Then Jesus asked, “Ferdinand, would you give away all your money?” At this point Ferdinand was crying so hard he could barely breathe. Our Blessed Mother appeared and said, “Little Ferdinand, I am giving you my heart.” Ferdinand felt an incredible infusion of power and said, “Jesus, do with me what you want.”

Ferdinand developed myasthenia gravis, a neuromuscular disease, which temporarily took his sight and forced him into a wheelchair. He gave his money away “to whomever Mother Mary led (him) to.”

While he was legally blind, Jesus prompted Ferdinand to buy a canvas and begin to paint, although he had never painted before. When he sat down to paint, the double vision from which he suffered would subside. The paintings themselves are nothing short of miraculous.

Louis Saia III had Ferdinand paint Our Lady of Compassionate Protection as Louis had seen Her in a vision. The prints of this image have been distributed all over the world. Many miraculous healings have been attributed to this painting. In California one of Ferdinand’s paintings of Our Lady of Compassionate Protection began weeping rose scented oil.

Ferdinand and Barbara have traveled the world, as witnesses of God’s extraordinary love and grace. Their story and ministry have profoundly affected many souls.

Barbara went to Heaven on May 13, 2011. Ferdinand joined her on March 18th, 2015